custom made sofas Sydney

A luxurious sofa is like a show-stopper in a living room. It makes us happy in so many ways. Soft and downy, these seating arrangements add elegance and functionality to room décor. 

Some sofa designs are setting new trends in the world of home décor. These are marked by an aesthetic appeal along with ultimate comfort. 

If you are interested in your designs, there are furniture stores that offer custom made sofas in Sydney. 


Sofas are available in different designs. These are named after the designs or the place where they originated.

Some of them are listed below. 

  • Chesterfield sofas
  • Davenport
  • Chaise lounge 
  • Divan
  • Settee
  • Sofas 
  • Sectional sofas 
Bespoke Trends 

There is a new trend in Sydney. The finest sofas are often not selected from the available designs at the showroom. They are mostly customised according to individual buyer choices and requirements. 

Custom-made sofas in Sydney are the new trend of the year and here are 5 tips to consider before you finalise the perfect design. 

The Size

Your choice of custom made sofas in Sydney is based on the size of your room. You have to decide how many people should be seated on a sofa. That will help you decide if it’s a two or three-seater sofa. The trend shows a preference for large-sized sofas. 

Some buyers opt for a sectional sofa that is bigger and comfortable too. The focus should be on the sofa to make it as much comfortable as possible. However, the area of the room is important to avoid cluttering. 


While the style factor is important, the trend this year is all about comfort. Buyers and homeowners are choosing designs that will bring comfortable and spacious seating with loads of relaxation. From downy cushions to soft fabrics and oversized seating spaces, custom sofas offer the best in luxury. 

Metallic Comeback 

A renewed interest in metallic frames and structures in custom made sofas in Sydney is back. Glamourous hues and finishes in designs give a look of class to the metallic shine effects in furniture. These are complemented with thick upholstery and cushions for the best décor additions in a room. 

Retro Looks 

There is a newfound fascination for the olden designs among buyers of custom made sofas in Sydney. Some of the trending designs for custom made sofas are heavily inspired by vintage designs. The styles from the days of heavy furniture to the sleek designs are making a comeback. 

Soft Colours And Eco-Friendly 

People are conscious of the environment nowadays.  Natural fabrics like cotton and linen over synthetic fabrics are preferred. Leather is less in demand and many buyers choose faux leather and leatherette material instead. The preferred use of soft and calming colours like white, cream, and pastel shades has taken over dark-coloured fabrics. 

Custom made sofas in Sydney offer buyers in the city a different kind of comfort and style. In this way, the buyer is allowed to decide the design and comfort level they desire for their home.