caravan servicing

A caravan is a vehicle that works without an engine that can be pulled by a van or car. A Caravan is built in a way so that people can spend their holiday comfortably, and it contains a bed, cooking equipment, and other necessary equipment as well.

What does a caravan service involve?

Caravan servicing includes a checklist of tasks where it checks the condition of all parts and if servicing is needed.

Here is the checklist of essentials for caravan servicing-

  • brakes
  • tires
  • couplings
  • lights
  • outrigger
  • bearings
  • springs and bushes
  • jockey wheel and jacks

A basic caravan service takes up to four hours.

  • Electrical systems– All lights are checked to see if there are any faults. Sockets tested to check if the wiring is correct. Also, the electrical equipment like fridge operation, TV socket, consumer unit, electric hob, the battery, the microwave oven, etcetera, are checked.
  • Water systems– The toilet is checked to ensure the lubrication of the valve seal and the working of the flush. All taps are checked as well for leaks and to maintain the proper blockage from the wastewater outlet. 
  • Gas systems– All gas appliances, like the oven, water heater, fridge, and heating systems, are turned on to check their working through a manometer check to find the leak. All vents get checked too.
  • Bodywork– Whether all doors, windows, and blinds are appropriately working is also checked. It also includes the inspection of the roof. The entire body inspection of the caravan gets done to detect any defect. The servicing requires a damp check run inside the caravan. The reading in damp meter decides the need for frequency of service needed. If reading is-
  • 0-15%- No issues
  • 15-20%- Re-servicing within a time of 3 months
  • More than 20%- Attention is required, and urgent servicing is needed.

The service technician provides a report of the damp check along with others.

  • Fire and safety– To test the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector for making sure their usage date has not expired. They must check the expiry date of a fire extinguisher.
  • Ventilation– Check all vents, and open roof lights ensure proper ventilation.

A caravan can prove to be unsafe on the road if these things will not get checked regularly.

What does a caravan service not include?

It is necessary to establish beforehand the services caravan services exclude.

The following are the services which do not come under the ambit of caravan service and require an additional payment:

  • Servicing of an individual appliance, such as the oven
  • Fitting a solar panel
  • A motor mover
  • To fix or service the air conditioner.

What are Pop-top caravans?

The Pop-Top caravans have similar features as a full-body caravan and provide fuel economy. They are simpler to tow and also simple to keep in a garage. A wide range of pop-top caravans for sale from dealers and private sellers are offered to buyers at a reasonable price.

The caravans are fully equipping with all the modern appliances these days, and hence it becomes more important than ever to keep them regularly serviced.