luxury kitchen renovation

There will come a point in your life when you will want to upgrade your kitchen to something more luxurious. Real estate investors know the value of a properly appointed house with a well-fitted kitchen and will usually encourage homeowners to have modern equipment preferably lavish if they want their house value to stay up on the market. If you want to renovation your kitchen in a luxurious way, you should start looking for professional luxury kitchen renovation services to draft out the luxury kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

You need to make that first step towards its resolution just like a big project that requires a multitude of tasks to complete. The first step in the kitchen renovations always involves knowing what you want because this is the first thing that designers ask you. They design the kitchen the way you want. So they will ask you for details you want to incorporate in your luxury kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using an expert luxury kitchen renovation specialist.

Advantages of hiring luxury kitchen renovation specialist 

Luxury Kitchen Renovations 

We’ve designed and installed a multitude of luxury kitchen renovations, each one a stand-out in its individuality and practicality.

From day one to completion, we systematically improve the way your family is able to move within the kitchen. Each item is easily accessible. The look is streamlined. The light enhanced, and the finishes…? Well, let’s just say you’ll be drooling before the food’s out of the fridge.

 Luxury Kitchen Design Process

They start with you disclosing your kitchen dreams over a cuppa with a kitchen designer. No salesman. They straight in with the designer who knows what works and what’s in.

Back at the office, they shape the ideas into a 3-D concept. It’s so unique to your wants and desires, the only thing it lacks is your DNA.

Along with the concept comes a detailed, itemized proposal that outlines every element of your project: from removing the first screw of your old kitchen to the final new handle – everything. And because no kitchen is complete while there are still gaps for new appliances, they have packages to help you out there too.

All of this is presented by the designer who will leave you in no doubt of the cost, the inclusions, and how beautiful this latest luxury kitchen renovation 

Preparing For Your Kitchen Renovation

Because every kitchen design needs thorough preparation, they will give you a full set of working drawings along with a Contract Pack and an upfront Project Schedule. You will know exactly what’s happening and when. You will not have to do anything – everything is their job!

They will confirm our costs by conducting a Trade Site Survey and conduct a Pre-Start Specification with our interior designer in tow. Nothing is left to chance.

The Installation Process
The professional team is all about protecting the rest of your home as if it’s their own, so they use floor protection and site screens as needed. The reliable and trustworthy trades work clean and with the world’s best brands and hardware.

If you have a question, you’ll be given clear and open lines of communication with the Project Manager.

To top it all, the completion date that we give at the start of your renovation is exactly where we end: on time, every – single – time.

Luxury Kitchen Renovations

For most of us, a luxury kitchen renovation is a once-in-a-lifetime event but it’s nowhere near as hard as you think when we’re on board. And the glittering prize at the end is worth it!

So for luxury kitchen renovations. We turn drab into fab with a seamless, beautiful process.

If images of lush tapware and ornate tiling send your bathroom makeover dreams into overdrive… it’s time you get your kitchen renovated more luxuriously 

High level of functionality

When you’re designing your own kitchen, it’s easy to get caught up with the aesthetics. Do these tiles look right? What finish do I want on the cabinets? However, functionality is of paramount importance if you want your kitchen to be easy to use. A professional luxury kitchen renovation specialist knows the right layout and features, such as an efficient work triangle and integrated storage, to ensure your kitchen is highly functional.

Saves precious time

Make no mistake – designing a kitchen on your own can be time-consuming! Not only do you need to make all the decisions about layout, materials, and style, you also need to coordinate the actual renovations themselves. A professional designer, however, takes the hard work out. They will take your initial concept and turn it into a reality while also helping with the practical coordination of the project.

Helps stay within budget

If you’ve never undertaken kitchen renovations before, it can be very difficult to stay within budget and it can be tempting to spend big to get the look you want. It may seem counterintuitive to hire a designer to help keep costs down but they can use their professional knowledge to help you decide which materials to spend money on and where to choose more affordable options.

Access to the latest design trends

There are always new innovations and trends when it comes to kitchen design and your professional designer will be across all of them. Whether it’s new materials or more functional design ideas, a designer can help integrate the latest trends into your design so your kitchen is ahead of the game.

Benefits of luxury kitchen renovations

The luxury kitchen is the most important aspect of most contemporary homes, the kitchen is likely to account for a significant portion of your home refurbishment or remodelling project. In order to justify this expense, consider the following benefits that superior, luxury kitchens renovations bring to your home 

1.Creating the illusion of space

Whether you live in a 5 bedroom house or more modest living space, the nature of modern new build homes means that space is often at a premium. Fitted luxury kitchens renovation is, therefore, an ideal investment, as they create the illusion of space and allow the room to be used for the preparation of meals and more diverse entertainment needs. 

One of the ways in which this is achieved is through the application of innovative storage solutions, which minimize the amount of surface space used and creates an enduring sense of luxury. Wall to ceiling storage and the installation of an island unit represents the most popular examples of this drive and are found in the majority of contemporary kitchen design projects.

2. Advanced lighting options

The word luxury means different things to different people, but on a fundamental level, it implies style, beauty, and the embodiment of chic living. There are many subtle features of a luxury kitchen that help to fulfil the individual home-owners interpretation of the word, but the lighting options available stand out as the most obvious and widely appreciated. 

Spotlighting is a common feature of a contemporary luxury kitchen renovation, and these stylish fittings are usually placed under wall units, in plinths, or within the membrane of the floor. The subtle shades of angled light that these fittings produce add a new dimension to your kitchen, and help to create moods for various individual occasions.

3. Enhances the value of your kitchen 

The property market has enjoyed a tentative resurgence during the last year or so, as our long-suffering economy finally begins to showcase signs of a sustained recovery. As a result of this, some home-owners are beginning to consider the value of their property, and whether they should place it on the market while sentiment continues to rise. A luxury kitchen renovation will enhance the value of your home, and also the importance of the space and its standing among contemporary buyers. 

While it may require an initial investment, national suppliers such as Better Kitchens offer home-owners access to considerable savings on cabinets, appliances, and various other fixtures.

Considering you spend every day in your kitchen, and you’ll probably only get to renovate it once. It makes absolute sense to take that makeover to its full potential 

Specializing in the luxury kitchen renovations of the highest quality, the aim is to offer the latest in kitchen design and innovations, working closely with clients to deliver the kitchen or entertaining area of their dreams.

The professional team will be there every step of the way to help you select from an impressive array of stone tops and kitchen appliances, as well as an extensive range of stone, glass, or tiled splashbacks, lighting ideas, and custom made cabinets in a variety of styles, colours, and fittings. Once your dream design is created, our trusted team of tradesmen will manage your project professionally from start to finish.

They create a fresh, modern design for you.