For installations of new shower, the first thing you need to think off is the style, design or type of the shower door. The most wonderful option is the frameless shower screen.

Pros of frameless shower screens:

Almost every shower screen is customised. This means you aren’t just limited to a vast produced variety of shower doors of any standard size. This will add up more flexibility to the shower installations. Also customisation is necessary in case of frameless shower screen.

The most crucial fact while choosing a frameless shower screen is its measurement and installation. Typically the frameless screens we purchase have the glass not in the shape of a square. While going for the measurement, if you come up with a square glass, you will find that it will not fit properly. It is better to order a glass which is 1/16th of an inch in measurement.

Framed shower screens appear to be bulky as the edges have rubber in them or are sealed using any metal. Frameless showers do not have such eyesore additions, making the look fresh and clean.

Frameless shower screens in Sydney makes effort to minimize the accumulation of mould and water because of the shower. With framed shower screens, there is a risk of water to build up under the seals, making them a place for growing moulds. Frameless shower screens in Sydney takes care of such risky areas. They make effort to make your place easy to clean.

Cons of frameless shower screen:

Frameless shower screen make use of a thick glass so as to make it stay in place without any sturdiness of the frame. As they weigh to nearly 80- 100 pounds, they require a sturdy hardware such as that of a solid brass so as to hold them at their place.

The price of framed shower screen lies between $80- $300 whereas the price of frameless shower screens lies between $700- $1200.

Though the frameless shower screens are excellent in aesthetics, yet they lack the optimum performance level. Framed shower screens have rubber seals all around it so as to bind doors with floor and walls and thus preventing leakages. Frameless shower screens lack such seals.

This means unless the door is cut to be accurately fit, there could be chances of some gaps in between the screen and other adjoining areas. As per the experts, it is important to consider the design of the shower before thinking for the frameless shower screens.

The problem of shower leaking occurs mainly because of the improper shower design. Many of them have their heads towards the door rather than the opposite wall so as to make the water stay away from the screen. Frameless shower screens in Sydney get involved in the early stages of shower installations so that the homeowner is prevented from choosing such design that wouldn’t work in future. Also the frameless shower screens in Sydney provide professionals in case you want your door to be customised, rather than simply handing them over from a hardware store.