Are you thinking about switching to a greener alternative for your high electricity bills? Do you plan to invest in the solar system for your home and join the renewable energy revolution? Kudos to the small step you are taking towards making a change. 

Now, the biggest question before you might be: How to find solar installers in Sydney? How much time is required for the installation of solar panels? Well, the time needed for the installation of solar panels depends on several factors. Keep reading to know more about the solar installation process and the time required for the same.  

The solar installation process does not simply mean choosing a solar system and hiring the team to install it. In fact, there is much more to it after you sign the contract with your installers. 

Finding the right installers 

Although you may plan while choosing solar panels and their installation, the very first step will be to choose the right solar installers in Sydney. You might be much excited to install the solar panels on the rooftop of your home and start experiencing reduced electricity bills, but hurrying would only add to your worries.

Choosing the right solar installation company is one of the most crucial decisions of the entire solar system installation process. You cannot pick up any company that lacks the experience to do the job or a random contractor who boasts of installing solar panels quickly and providing quality services. 

One must seek referrals from their colleagues, friends, and family members and read the reviews on the company’s online website before choosing a company for the purchase of the solar system.  Also, make sure you obtain quotes from several companies so that you get the best price for the installation. Avoid choosing a company with the cheapest price as there are chances you will have to compromise with the quality. A company that charges a little higher than others, ensures quality services and skilled staff for the installation work. 

Inspection of the site 

When you start narrowing down the list of solar installers in Sydney, like Solar System Australia,  you must request them to inspect the site. You may ask the company you are considering sending a representative to your home who will evaluate your needs and your home. The representative of the company will inspect: 

  • The rooftop of your home 
  • The condition of the roof 
  • The roof angle 
  • Shading concerns associated with the roof of your home 
  • Factors that may affect your solar power system in the future. 

All these factors will help the representative to decide on the size of the solar system required for your home. Next, they will provide you with the various brand choices and financing options available for you. This will help them provide an estimate for the installation of the project. For the inspection of the site, the team of the company will contact you beforehand and schedule the visit so that you are available. Finally, when you both agree upon the various factors, you will sign the contract with the installer. 

Engineering visit and obtaining the permits 

  • The engineer of the solar installers in Sydney you choose will perform an engineering site visit to ensure that the electrical system of your home & the roof is up to the mark for the installation of the solar system. This will take around one to two weeks. 
  • Next, you need to obtain permits from the city or homeowner’s association. This is necessary as it ensures that your installer meets the local building codes while performing solar installations & makes sure you are safe. 
  • While some cities do not require permits, you might need to get approval before starting with the installation project if you are living under a homeowner’s association. 
  • Your installers will take care of all the paperwork and ask you to sign the papers when they are ready. 
  • If your local civil servants approve the permits quickly, this all will be a matter of a few days. If not, you might need to wait for months for the same work. 
  • The local civil servants will deny the permits if there are errors in the form or your installation plan does not meet the codes and regulations laid down by the authorities. 

Solar incentives 

While investing in solar panels does not come at a low price, the government offers to share a portion of the bill. Many homeowners get this advantage of renewable energy incentives for their solar installations. Some of them help the homeowners by up to 26% of the total bill deduction. If you are hiring quality solar installers in Sydney, they might be aware of the same and help you get government incentives. 

Some local governments too, offer their plans for homeowners when it comes to providing incentives on solar installations. Your solar installer must identify these incentives, ensure that you qualify for them, and help you apply for these incentives. Usually, this process goes hand-in-hand with the process of obtaining permits. So, this does not require much time for obtaining incentives. 

Finalizing the solar equipment 

Once you obtain the permits, you can order the solar equipment of your choice and confirm the same to your solar installers in Sydney. Apart from this, you must also order the solar inverters, solar batteries, and other equipment required for solar panel installations. While your installers might have all these, sometimes informing them about the same will give them the time to bring this equipment in stock again. 

Solar installation schedule 

After you finalize the schedule and technicalities, you can schedule solar panels’ installation with your solar installers. This will take around one week to one month depending upon the availability of the installer and the day when you will be free for the installations. If you are free on the specified day, your installer will perform installations on the same day.