concrete sealing Wollongong

Summary – Installing concrete sealing Wollongong is a beneficial yet tricky process. Here’s how homeowners can avoid silly mistakes. 

Several homes and business owners have sealed their concrete driveways, patios, countertops, and floors, in the past decade. This practice has become extremely popular as sealing concrete is similar to protecting your investment. People spend a lot on their concrete structures. It only makes sense for them to invest in the aesthetic and functional appeal of these concrete structures. Unsealed concrete is always at risk of getting damaged by the elements, whereas sealing concrete adds at least ten years of life to all concrete structures. People planning to get concrete sealing Wollongong should learn how to avoid the mistakes many homeowners have made in the past. Here’s how you can successfully seal your concrete and keep it in optimal condition.

Know Your Sealer Options

There are different types of sealers professional installers use. Each of them comes with positives and negatives. The ‘right’ choice depends on the demands of the concrete structure that’s being sealed. For instance, an indoor concrete structure will have completely different demands to an outdoor structure. Top providers of concrete sealing Wollongong typically use these types of sealers – 

Penetrating Sealer

This sealer is famous amongst home and business owners as it protects the concrete from getting frequently stained. The sealer penetrates the primary layers of the concrete, forming a chemical bond. This chemical bond protects the concrete layers from oil, rainwater, and other common sources of concrete strains. The chemical bond between the sealer and the concrete structure is nearly unbreakable, so this type of concrete sealing Wollongong is widely seen as the most cost-effective and user-friendly option. While other sealers sit on top of concrete structures, penetrating sealers entrench themselves inside all types of concrete structures. 

Acrylic Resin Sealers

If you want cost-effective concrete sealing Wollongong, acrylic resin sealers should be your choice. These sealers are extremely cheap and flexible. They might not be the strongest sealers in the market, but their inherent flexibility allows them to form chemical bonds with other types of sealers. Experts of concrete sealing can add the right type of sealer to acrylic resin sealers to make them ten times more durable. However, home and business owners must stay away from low-quality or incorrect sealer mixtures. Sealer mixtures that aren’t compatible can discolour concrete structures. That’s why homeowners must add other sealers to their pure acrylic resins after consulting with an expert. 

Epoxy Sealers

Epoxy sealer is another commonly used sealer in various projects of concrete sealing Wollongong. Even though these sealers are costlier than pure acrylic resin-based sealers, they’re more long-lasting. That’s because they’re thick and create a resilient layer on top of concrete structures. Hence, no air, water, or other external elements don’t ever come in contact with the concrete. However, these tight bonds between Epoxy sealers and concrete layers can go wrong if air or moisture particles penetrate them before or during installation. So, choosing the best concrete sealing experts is vital for projects involving Epoxy sealers. 

Research and Instructions

Which sealer is ideal for your project of concrete sealing Wollongong? Make sure to study the specific needs of your concrete. Also, partner with sealing experts who have track records of properly sealing concrete structures in the past!