car park wheel stops

The traffic-calming accessories often aid in establishing safe sidewalks and parking spaces, especially in commercial spaces. The car park wheel stops are the ideal example of such accessories that help solve common issues that the drivers have to face while trying to park the vehicle accurately but quickly in the limited parking areas.

Various materials are in use to make these wheel stops. However, the concrete wheel stops turn out to be the most effective options when you want to prevent the drivers from parking deep inside the parking lot. It will also help control traffic when you want to maintain an organized parking process within the enclosure.

Common construction materials

There are four types of materials that the manufacturers use for making these car park wheel stops:

  1. Concrete 
  2. Rubber
  3. Metal
  4. Plastic

So you might be wondering which will be the better option for your parking space. Now, there are many factors that govern decision making. Consider these factors and act accordingly.

  • Durability

Any object made from concrete will be heavy, and the wheel stops are no exceptions. That is why the structure will be stable once you secure the object at the right place. It can perform the best when it comes to barricading the vehicles from shifting away from the designated parking space. None of the other materials can be better durable than the concrete ones. You can install them in the indoor parking lots as well as the open parking areas. 

  • Convenience of installation

The concrete car park wheel stops undergo pre-casting and are ready to install once they arrive at your facility. The installation demands at least two people, which comes down to one person when you install the rubber wheel stops. But you must remember the strength of the concrete models, and they won’t budge after installation. You need to specify your fixings like galvanized pins, metal rebar, concrete epoxy or metal bolts.

  • Appropriate colours

It is easier to detect the presence of the car park wheel stops if you use specific colours to paint the objects. The black and yellow diagonal stripes are common or the parking spaces, while the white and blue combination is for the handicap parking space marking. You can also specify the parking space for emergency services like the ambulance, law enforcement, fire trucks and more by painting the red or white wheel stops.

Multiple benefits

The car park wheel stops made form concrete make the ideal accessories that can prevent fender bends.

  • It becomes easier to prevent accidents in the parking areas by physically preventing the wheels’ progress beyond the marked point. 
  • It also helps to manage the traffic within the commercial parking lot. Maintaining the standard flow of traffic is possible as the cars have to slow down due to these obstructions. Furthermore, the cars won’t move in the wrong direction or mix up the lanes with the accessories’ installation. 

To maintain organization and safety within the facility with solid and sturdy wheel stops.