Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals

You can easily damage or limit access to wastewater, water or stormwater whenever you are building, excavating or landscaping any spot. For protecting the assets, it is vital to get hands-on Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals and then start working on the plans. There are certain questions that might keep popping in your mind while dealing with the building plan approvals. Getting those answered beforehand will be of great help.

Why is this building plan approved and why do you need it?

In case you are building, landscaping or excavating next to the assets, the team first needs to approve the Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals before you can start the excavation work. The approval from the team ensures that the work will not get damaged or it won’t limit access to the assets. 

  • In case you have to lodge any development application with the said consent authority for the building work, it will focus on the consent’s condition that you have had the building plans approved by the team before receiving the construction certificate.
  • If you fail to get the approval before you can work on the pipes, you might be fined for the unauthorised work. 
  • Furthermore, without the Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals, you might have to recover the costs that the team incur because of such unauthorised work. This might be because of restoring the pipes or just third party claims.

What about the building plan approval process?

In case you are excavating, building or landscaping over or next to the assets then it is better to get the approval from the plans before you get to work with it. To get the Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals done and dusted, you have to follow the main building plan for that. To start the procedure, you have to lodge the plans at the Sydney Water Tap. 

  • Whenever you are applying for the option, there are certain short questions you need to get an answer to. The team would like to get this information to know if they might affect, limit or access the assets.
  • There are mainly two possible outcomes that you can get from Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals. Either the team will approve the plan without going through any further assessment, or they might refer you to the water servicing coordinator for some extra assessment.
  • In most of the scenarios, the coordinator might assess and then get to approve the proposal. Sometimes, they might have to refer the application to the main management team for detailed review. Such options are noted as an “out of scope” application.
  • When the process comes to an end, you will be able to show the approved plans to the certifier or the consent authority and get started with the work. 

If you are currently planning to get your hands on the Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals, be sure to log online and get instant help for the same. Learn more about the roles played by the water servicing coordinator for some genuine help on this front.