car park wheel stops

The rubber car park wheel stops are durable. This is the most important benefit that you get from these products. The thing with concrete parking stops is they can crack and get chipped. However, the same thing would not happen to the rubber car parking stops. Apart from that, these products contain reflective taping, which comes moulded with the product. This ensures the reflective taping never falls off or peels off. This is not something you would see in products that are made for earning profit. They can also resist changes in weather and temperature a lot better than their concrete counterparts.

They are flexible

If it were a perfect world, there would be no issues with the parking lots – they would all be flat and smooth. However, this world is far from being perfect. So, expect issues such as cracks, bumps, and damages to make the surface uneven. This is where the rubber car park wheel stops can be so beneficial for you. Since the companies make these products from a flexible material like rubber, they can adapt to the contour of your parking space with ease. So, even if you have an uneven surface on which you are installing them, you need not worry.

They can be installed easily

The car park wheel stops made from rubber do not weigh a lot – probably near 16 kilos – and are not too long – around 6 feet. The concrete parking stops can weigh around 40-50 kilos. So, it is a lot easier to install the rubber car park stops at your preferred positions. You also do not need more than one technician to do such work too, which means you can get such work done with a small crew. Such work also does not need a lot of equipment to be completed. This means using them significantly reduces your installation costs.  

They are environment friendly

The best companies in the industry make the rubber car park wheel stops from recycled rubber, which they collect from various sources. When they get it, the sellers have already ground the material down to its rawest form. The manufacturers then mould the material into the car park stops. They also make many other parking lot products with the same material. These companies recycle millions of kilos of such rubber and make lots of products every year. So, if you believe in safeguarding the environment you live in, you cannot go wrong with these products.  

They look good

You can also choose concrete car park wheel stops, but the only way to make them vibrant and colourful is by painting them. This is a messy procedure, and it takes a lot of time to be completed too. Along with that, you might worry about the paint fading away with time. You also have to try and match colours when you install more such stops in the same space later on. However, the rubber car parking stops are made from coloured rubber. This ensures the colour would never fade away, and thus your property looks good for years to come.