car park wheel stops

Everyone wants to ensure that the layout of their parking lot provides the visitors with an orderly and safe parking experience while they create a parking lot design for their commercial spaces. As you design your parking lot, you may consider including the car park wheel stops into the design of the parking lot. There are myriad benefits that these wheel stops offer to your parking lot and you are not aware of. This post will provide you with all the information on the applications of the wheel stops and the benefits that they offer to your parking lot. 

Knowing wheel stops 

Car park wheel stops are one of the best solutions for numerous problems that drivers face while trying to park accurately and easily in the limited space of commercial parking lots. Drivers can park cars safely with the help of car park wheel stops and avoid hitting the walls of the parking lots. This also prevents damage to other nearby cars. They have great impact resistance and do not hurt the tyres of the vehicles. They are suitable for outdoor & indoor facilities. 

Applications of wheel stops 

Easy to install, these wheel stops find their use for a variety of applications. They are ideal of commercial and retail spaces while providing order and ensuring distancing between the vehicles. 

  • Act as a car stop and protect the path of the pedestrians moving around the parked vehicles. 
  • Find their use near pedestrian zones where people store goods to prevent encroachments. 
  • Act as a parking block and ensure that the vehicles stop at the proper spot in the parking lots of private or commercial places. 
  • Act as an effective curbing to create curb extensions and traffic circles. 
  • Prevent vehicles from coming in contact with the physical assets and protect them. 
  • Act as a bumper cushion 
  • They inhibit the contact of the car with any of the end barriers. 

Benefits of wheel stops 

Car park wheel stops offer several benefits in the parking lots, garages, and warehouses. Some of these benefits of wheel stops are: 

  • They withstand impact and do not break easily 
  • They are easy to maintain as they do not chip or crumble. Also, they do not rust, corrode, or crack. They do not need repainting and save your money. 
  • These stops prove to be the most economical solutions compared to other similar products. 
  • Wheel stops are easy to install and do not require any skills for installation. 
  • They are environment friendly. 
  • The stops offer maximum visibility even at nights because of the reflective tapes. 
  • They are sturdier. 
  • Wheel stops resist extreme temperatures in the environment, oil, UV light, and moisture. 
  • They will not cause any damage to low front-end vehicles as they have low-profile. 

The Final Words 

Apart from the above benefits, wheel stops enhance the overall look of your parking lot. You can choose between the varying patterns and materials that will improve the appearance of your parking lot design. Any visitor will have neat rows of pavement stripes and wheel stops.