The appeal of the hardwood floor is undeniable. This type of flooring comes with timeless beauty and a long tradition of luxury. Installing a hardwood floor is also quite difficult and expensive. Therefore, people often consider engineered timber flooring to get the classic look and feel of hardwood flooring without costing a lot. But before deciding whether to invest in the engineered timber flooring, here are a few things that you need to know about this flooring.

What is engineered timber flooring?

Unlike traditional hardwood flooring that is directly available from the trees, engineered timber is a complex product with several layers. The outer part of this wood is a hardcover veneer of the species that one desires. And the inner parts of this wood are made of high-density fiber-board, plywood or hardwood. Availability of core layers makes this wood more stable than the usual hardwood. And the outer veneer surface adds authenticity and beauty. Engineered timber flooring of Sydney is also completely different from hardwood laminate as here the surface is prepared from real wood.

Places where the engineered timber flooring can be installed:

The best thing about engineered wood flooring is that it can go in both the places where solid wood can be used or not. Some of the places where this type of flooring can be installed are:

  1. During remodels of homes: Engineered wood like engineered oak flooringcomes with different types of thickness options. This thing allows the users to finesse transitions between various types of flooring at the stairways and doorways. It can be truly impossible or awkward with solid standard flooring. It is also possible to lay this type of flooring over any stable and flat surface including sheet vinyl, ceramic tile, and the existing wooden floors.
  2. In the basement area: Moisture often gathers in this place. And this can have havoc wreak on the solid wood flooring. As the veneer layers of the engineered boards crisscross like plywood, this reduces the usual tendency of the wood to contract and expand in the humid areas. The thinner profile of this board also helps where there is premium headroom.
  3. Over the radiant heat: Thinner engineered wood like engineered oak flooringis capable of better heat transferring than solid wood. Besides, this wood is also more stable.


On the basis of the thickness of the veneer on the top layer of the flooring, the maintenance of the flooring and the flooring quality used, engineered timber flooring in Sydney can last for a lifetime. The best thing about this flooring is that it adds style, performance, and value to any property. And with the availability of a handful of options, it is possible to choose from almost any design whether smooth and sleek or scraped or rustic. Due to the factor like innovative manufacturing techniques, it is possible to install this flooring in any type of home including the bathrooms and basement. But it is necessary to install a protective moisture barrier to this floor.