Parquetry flooring Sydney

Parquetry flooring is around for quite a long time. But it has become very popular recently. This flooring uses a block of wood to create a mosaic effect, which is called parquetry. These patterns often vary from simple shapes to highly intricate designs with a range of different woods, sizes, and grains being on offer. The best thing about this flooring is that it comes with the vibe of traditional charm and continental elegance that makes it very popular. This is also the thing that makes parquetry flooring ideal for both traditional and contemporary styled homes.

In this article, I will discuss some of the reasons that make parquetry flooring in Sydney so desirable.

1) A rich tradition and history: The majority of the people consider parquetry flooring as a timeless classic that can bring a touch of formal elegance to the homes. With a long history, this flooring is associated with the class and sophistication of the high society. As a result, the impression this flooring imparts upon a property recalls the rich heritage of beauty and luxury, imbuing the home with a sense of tradition. And the great thing is that the appearance of parquetry flooring in Sydney is not limited to the old waxed and walnut designs of versatile. Therefore, it works well with properties both contemporary and traditional.

2) Availability of different materials: Parquetry flooring is usually made from different elegant hardwoods like walnut, oak, cherry, maple, and sometimes mahogany. Every material comes with some unique grains and textures that allow people to choose particular design elements depending on what suits your interior in the best way. Apart from that, budget-friendly parquetry flooring is made from engineered wood that is ideal for modern homes or homes that include underfloor heating.

3) Availability of intricate patterns: You can lay out the parquetry flooring in Sydney in different configurations, starting from the smooth chequers of the basketweave patterns to the choppy zigzags of the herringbone patterns. And no matter what pattern you choose, you can achieve a vibrant style of texture and colour across the total flooring. And the intricate fit and the detailed design make the flooring the perfect eye-catching piece in any property irrespective of the aesthetics or style.

4) It is highly durable: Parquetry flooring can last for a lifetime if it is properly sealed and kept clean. In some cases, it is more durable than the wooden flooring due to the tight-fit design. Besides, most of the parquetry tiles are treated with good sealers at the time of manufacturing. This makes it perfect for rooms with loads of movable furniture and high footfall. Unfinished parquetry can be treated adequately and finished after installation for more durability.

5) It is affordable: Parquetry flooring is not expensive. This flooring can easily be installed by just clicking together the individual blocks. This thing makes it more accessible to almost any properties and these can even be mass-produced. As a result, this flooring works as an affordable option for all types of interiors.