Sewer Services

The sewer plays an important role in your home’s comfort and overall hygiene. This sewer system plays an important role in guiding wastewater away from your property. But after years of use, the sewer system encounters issues. In these cases, proper sewer service can help you deal with all these issues.

Do you want to know the importance of proper sewer services and maintaining the sewer lines? Then this article can be your help. But before we discuss it, know that overflow of the sewers takes place as the result of blocked or broken sewer lines, infiltration of stormwater, and malfunctioning of the pumps. In all these cases, the sewers that are left untreated should be cleared properly as part of the sewer treatment facilities. And this can prevent overflow.

Importance of proper sewer servicing:

Sewers get clogged and damaged when they get older. And proper sewer services become highly necessary. But before service, it is important to check the issues. For instance, infiltration and inflow are the issues specific to the sanitary sewers. Besides, both combined sewers and storm drains are designed to hold those contributions. Carrying infiltration to decent levels needs higher standards of maintenance necessary for the consideration of structural integrity of the sewers. And here the inspection construction helps in preventing the unsuitable collection of the yard, cellar, and roof drains to those sewers. An inappropriate connection is quite higher where combined sewers and sanitary sewers are located close by. But before proceeding with the sewer servicing, the sewer inspection is important. The proper inspection ensures that the professionals can deal with the issues properly.

How sewer inspection is performed?

  • Tree root infiltrations: This is a common scenario of old pipes. Tree roots find water sources when they grow. And a crack in the sewer pipes allows those to grow into it. As a result, the roots cause major cracks in those pipes soon.
  • Cracked, broken, or collapsed pipes: Before servicing the sewer pipes, the technicians check whether the pipe has shifted, collapsed, or has got damaged.
  • Major blockage: Even if the pipes are in proper condition, years of flushing can be a growth of paper, trash, and other junk.
  • Sagging pipes of bellied sewer lines: In case the sewer pipes sag, the waste gets caught. This thing leads to multiple blockages in the pipes. And this is the beginning of damage.

What are the important parts of sewer services?

  1. Treating drain damage, blockage, and cracks: For a long time, when sewer systems experience cracks and some other types of damages, the solutions used to be costly excavations, removal, or replacement. But now, technological advancement allows people to re-line the aging or damaged pipes to increase the lifespan.
  2. Replacing damaged or aged sewer lines: This is another technique for sewer services. In this method, a new pipe is drawn through the older pipe behind the expander head, which breaks apart the older pipe while the new pipe is drawn through.