Polished porcelain tiles have been the famous choice of most homeowners. But what makes them famous? It will be good to know their strong points, so you will understand why porcelain tiles are the primary choice nowadays. Porcelain tiles that are polished are ceramic tiles used to cover the floors and the walls as well, with its water absorption rate of not more than 5%. The clay that’s used to come up with a porcelain tile is denser. The tile may also be glazed or unglazed. The porcelain tiles are among the vitrified tiles.

Polished Porcelain Tile

The design is one of the strongest points of porcelain tiles. Some of the manufacturers have come up with polished porcelain tiles to enable the tile body to show off the face of the tile. The outcome is deeper, and it is also more realistic in terms of dimension. Another best thing about porcelain tiles is that it’s hard and sturdy that makes it resistant from the chip. But, in case there is a chip on the tile, you can have a backup plan. If it is a full-bodied type of tile, the area with the chip will come with similar color as of the tile. Moreover, you may not need to change it.

Glazed Or Sealed Porcelain Tiles

In terms of porcelain tiles that are glazed of if the polished ones are sealed, they can handle staining in accordance with different kinds of stone tiles. Stain resistance is another advantage for those who would like to use the tile in the kitchen where it’s prone to water splashing.

Unglazed Porcelain Tiles

The unglazed porcelain has been a primary choice for places with high traffic. This is due to the fact that high traffic places come with more friction. It gives due because of the absence of glaze. Another thing is that the lack of glaze simply means that it can take more beating than the glazed surface can handle. Wear and tear may show up and then ruin the overall beauty of the tiles.

Even though the tiles don’t absorb so much liquid if the liquid is acidic and it damages the tile, the moist and the stain resistance don’t mean so much anymore. That means you might come across unglazed porcelain tiles in different tile shops and malls.

A lot of households wish to have porcelain tiles for their homes. particularly on the floor and walls for different reasons. Initially, porcelain tile for the floors are more durable; it offers great water resistance properties when compared to ceramic tiles. Moreover, these tiles are also best for indoor heating to keep everyone in the house warm and very comfortable especially during cold mornings. Moreover, these tiles are best to come up with a cozy indoor heating capacity that will keep your feet warm and very comfortable any time of the day. It’s useful aside from being aesthetically appealing. Have you come up with the choice that you want?